I attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I'm majoring in secondary math education. I like sports, music, and video games. I give my opinion on stuff, and I post funny things.

...I suck at this kind of shit. So in short, follow me.


My Parents are gone until Friday

I am definitely sleeping naked the next 5 nights

This has to be the greatest creation ever…

This has to be the greatest creation ever…

Hey Kroger.

Fuck you.  Four people work 8 hour shifts last night and get 4 pallets done?  While I worked 5 hours today (I even stayed an extra hour) and got 2 done by myself.  Tell people to do their job and stop sucking each others dicks over night.

Unpopular Opinion

I am not disappointed Coldplay and Muse play against each other at Lolla.  Coldplay is not that good, and Muse kicks their ass.  I am more upset at the Mau5//Foo Fighters clash, but even that was an easy decision.  Foo Fighters.

Internal Cannon

Just blew my mind away.  Honestly, I have been growing far away from the hardcore music I enjoyed during High School.  I have started listening to more techno/house/dubstep/mashups and rap because of the whole party scene of college.  This song lighted that fire for hardcore yet again.  It is amazing to hear how much ABR has developed over the life of the band.  Them, ADTR, and Parkway will never let me wander away from the music that has done so much for me.  Amazing song, and counting down the days until June 21st.